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President's Message

Posted over 6 years ago by Janel Saunders

Hello members!  I am so excited to begin working with and being part of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of NAPNAP.  The Chapter has done so many amazing things for the Colorado PNP community including providing continuing education for it's members and other PNPs at the two day conference with Children's Hospital of Colorado each Spring, providing networking opportunities at PNP Night Out at Red Rocks each year, allowing members as much involvment with the Chapter as they choose by opening our quarterly board meetings to all members, encouraging involvement of the local PNP students with our current student representative on the board, and recongnizing outstanding achievements of our fellow PNPs in our awards ceremony at the PNP Night Out event each year.

I will work hard throughout this year to continue these exciting events and have even more and more members attend.  You may wonder how I am going to get more people involved.....this will happen with our new website!

To tell you a little about myself, I have just recently moved to the great state of Colorado from my home state of Florida this past March.  I have been a primary care PNP in Central Florida since 2004.  I graduated from the University of Florida with my nursing degree in 2000 and from University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill with my PNP degree in 2004.  I was active with the Florida Chapter of NAPNAP for six years, two of which, I was president.  During my presidency, I launched a new website for the Chapter with the ENP Network group.  They were amazing, patient, and hardworking in making the site the best it could be. The site only brought positive change to our Chapter.  After starting the site, we won "Largest Chapter Growth Award" at the National Confernece two years in a row!  I would like to do the same for the Rocky Mountain Chapter.

I am currently working with the ENP Network to improve the Rocky Mountain Chapter website to benefit all members.  It is an interactive site with the ability to access and communicate with all members just as easily as facebook!  You simply sign up on the site and create your profile if you want to have important events, job postings, and announcements sent directly to your email.  If you decide to NOT create a profile, you will still have access to the site, but will not recieve emails directly about events, announcements, or job openings.  Not only will you have access to members of our Chapter, but you will also have access to all of the NP organizations that use the ENP Network for their website.  There are three other Colorado NP organizaitons currently on the Network!  When I moved out to Colorado this past March from Florida, this is how I came into contact with other PNPs in the area.  I did not know anything about job opportunites in the area, I was unfamiliar with the policies and regulations of PNPs in this state and did not know anyone in the field.  I have had the opportunity to meet great PNPs and was able to network with others to find my job here in town with Mountainland Pediatrics! If you have any questions on how to utilize the site, please contact me personally or click on "contact us" and ask the ENP Network directly.  They are happy to help you out in anyway they can.

I would love for you all to attend our next board meeting on September 10th at 6:30pm at the Ronald McDonald House.  The complete event information is posted on the "Events" section.  You can easily RSVP from the event posting if you plan on attending.  Bring a friend and become involved!!!

There is currently a Legislative Chair position open at this time.  Please let me know if you are interested in this position and would be happy to give you more details.

As president, I am here to represent you as members of our Chapter in the local and national PNP community.  I appreciate feedback from members throughout my presidency.  If you have great news and announcements you want me to post, give me call, or email me any itme.  If your employer is looking to post a job, let me know.  If you have recommendations for the board in regards to our events and activities please speak up.  Also, don't forget that we even have a Facebook page titled "CO Chapter of National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners".  Check it out! 

I hope to meet you all in person very soon!

Janel P. Saunders, CPNP, Chapter President

407-619-4385 (cell)