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Colorado Rocky Mountain Chapter 2013 PNP Salary Survey Results

Posted over 5 years ago by Janel Saunders

Our Chapter wants to thank the 78 participants in our survey!! We had a great turn out in number of responses and we could not have acquired this information without your help! I hope the following information is helpful in future negotiations with your employers and also of benefit for new graduates entering our local PNP job market.

While you view the following survey results, please keep in mind the number of participants and how this survey includes both part-time and full-time PNPs. In regards to part-time PNPs, the number of working hours can greatly vary.

All results are shown in the following charts and graphs. In addition to the graphs, the paragraphs below, describe in detail some of the most significant findings of the study.

Of the 78 participants, the majority, 51, are full-time PNPs. Twenty-seven are part-time or per diem PNPs. The majority (46 of 78) of our respondents work in acute, hospital, or specialty settings. More than half of the primary care PNPs, work full-time. The majority of our respondents (40 of 78) have 11 or more years of NP experience. Greater than one third of our respondents (30 of 78) have 15 or more years of NP experience. The majority (90%) of newer PNP respondents in our survey (0-2 years experience) are employed full time.

Of our full-time participants, 50% have on-call time and 50% do not. We had one participant not respond to that question. Of our part-time participants, the majority (>50%) do not have on-call time. Two part-time participants did not respond to this question.

Approximately 50% (26 of 51) of our full-time participants work weekends (most rotating, some every weekend) while only approximately 40% (11 of 27) of our part-time participants work weekends.

While only 66% of our part-time participants receive health insurance from their employer, 100% of our full-time participants are provided with health insurance.

While the majority of both full-time and part-time participants are offered a 401K or retirement plan, only 1 of our full-time respondents does NOT. Approximately 75% of part-time participants are also offered this benefit.

Multiple salary ranges were provided to choose from. Of all full-time respondents, the range with the highest number of respondents was 100K + (16 of 51). Of these participants, all had at least 6 or more years of experience. The next highest range was 81-90K (13 of 51). Of these participants, the years of experience range from 0-2 years to >15 years. The next highest range was 91-100K (11 of 51). Of these participants, all had at least 2 or more years of experience. The next highest range was 61-70K (7 of 51) with a large variation of years of experience. Lastly, only 4 of 51 respondents earn a salary of 71-80K.

Salaries for our part-time PNPs range from less than 25K to greater than 65K. Again, keep in mind the number of hours may greatly vary. The highest number of part-time participants earn >65K (10 of 27). Only one participant earns less than 25K. The other 16 participants make somewhere between 25K and 65K.

I hope this information along with the graphs and charts below are of benefit to you in the future. Thanks again for your participation, it was greatly appreciated!!

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