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PLEASE READ! Fundraising Committee Message: Need your help gathering donations from businesses!!

Posted almost 6 years ago by Janel Saunders

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Hello NAPNAP members

I wanted to give you a quick update from the fundraising group. Our NP Night out is April 11, 2013 and we sell raffle tickets for raffle items which our attendees can win. Each year, it is up to our group to collect those raffle items.

We ask that you collect 1-2 items from business who would like to donate. Ideas for the items can include gift cards or gift certificates for coffee, dinner, night at a hotel. Other items include jewelry, mixed gift baskets etc. You do this by approaching the business and asking them to donate. To help you with this, we have included a letter (simply click on attachment and print) which you can provide to the business with information about our group, the raffle and the charity/non profit we are donating to. The tax id number is provided for the business as well as an area for an estimated amount they have donated so they can keep for their records. Please hold onto the items until our next meeting on 3/11/13, prior to the night out, or if collected after that date, please bring to the night out.

You also do have the option to donate some money towards our cash prize in place of getting donations, but I would really encourage you to try and get donations. It does help raise awareness of our profession in the community.

Some tips for collecting donations:
  1. Pair up and go with another member, it is sometimes easier to have a friend with you
  2. Make sure it is something you would like to win yourself
  3. The earlier you approach these business, the better as many business donate a significant amount of stuff and have already fulfilled their donation amount by the end of February
  4. If you mail the letter to a group for donation, please include your name and contact on the letter as well so they can contact you directly (it can be difficult if they contact one of the fundraising members directly when we do not know they have been solicited).
  5. Please no alcohol With regard to the raffle tickets; the tickets are $5/piece or 5 for $20 (try to up sell).

We ask that each member try to sell atleast 10 tickets (any many sell much more). We like to try and pre-sell them, however we will also have them on sale the night of NP night out. We will plan on brining them to the next meeting on 3/11/13, to hand out for selling. If you would like them earlier or if you are not able to attend the next meeting, we can mail them to you or try to meet up for a hand off. If you are not able to attend the next meeting.

Thank you so much for all your help with this. Let's try to sell a lot of tickets this year so we are able to give a lot to Restore Innocence.

The letter for the businesses is attached to this message.

Please contact any of our group with questions.

Marguerite Korber:
Anita Poole:
Shelly Dell'Orfano: